Tarot Reading since 2001

Almost twenty years standing the test of time

(Photo: Durrus, West Cork, March 2015)

About us at Irish Tarot

Tarot reading has been operating from West Cork for twenty years. We are based in West Cork Ireland doing exciting and much saught after Tarot readings to all of Ireland and abroad.

From 2001 to today

Irish Tarot began as Irishtarot.com by David O'Reilly. David comes from a family of psychics, his mother is a tea-leaf reader and all throughout his family there were various psychics in their family line and David was no exception choosing Tarot as his tool along with Runes.

As a child he had the famous Commodore 64 computer in which he learned to programme and on which he created the world's first Tarot reading application in the BASIC language. As technology advanced he ported Irish Tarot to a PC in the C langauge.

By the time 1995 had come technology was starting to become better with the arrival of the Internet in Ireland via dial up however at the time web pages were mostly static. However by the year 2000 the technology was there to make software based websites and Irish Tarot was born a year later.

From then on Irish Tarot has been growing, we now have many different readers of all different backgrounds and talents. We do phone readings, online readings and even readings by mail! It is very exciting to see technology not at a stage where AI is now helping bring free Tarot readings to everyone.

Free and paid readings

Today we still provide the same great free Tarot readings for everyone and we hope you will stop by often to enjoy our services. We would also hope you would like to try an Online Reading with us. Our team of psychics are standing by to do your reading by phone or online. By having readings with us you are helping to support our service.

Irish and unique

For the past twenty years there have been many companies open up, mostly from the UK and USA offering services which were damaging to Tarot giving it a darkened name. Irish Tarot is the only service still here and we rely on trust and word of mouth. This continues to be the case today.

Thanks for reading!

We would be delighted to read for you now or in the future and please enjoy our service.

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Reading from Cork since 2001

Ireland's first and most trusted online Tarot reading service doing online and telephone psychic readings for over 21 years.

It's Personal. It's trust

Real people with real questions talking to real Irish psychics using real cards doing down to earth real readings.

Real questions. Real Answers

When you consult the Tarot cards you need a service that will take your queries seriously with down to earth answers.