My name is David and I read Tarot, Runes, Angels, Spirit Guides and more. You might know me from my radio show in Dublin or from various magazines and newspapers

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I am David and I have been doing psychic readings for over twenty five years. I founded Irish Tarot back in 2001 and presented the Psychic Connection Radio show in Dublin for over seven years.

What I do

When people call me usually they have a question or are worried about something. Often questions can be about relationships such as if they are dating the right person or if they will ever meet somebody worthwhile. Other times people ask questions about their career and ambitions, if a job interview will go well, if they are in the right career and more.

Other times people have no question and just would like a boost by seeing what is on their cards. With the Coronavirus out there now I do my own cards everyday and it is a great addition to my day.

Whatever your question I will be delighted to speak to you.

Is a guys reading different to a girls?

You might think that this is an odd question but I get it far too often. Usually if a woman asks me this I ask her if she wants good dating advice about dating men then come to a man for a reading as a man's perspective is so different to a woman's. However in reality there is no difference as spirit sees no gender and there have been amazing psychics of both genders all throughout time.

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