Tarot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about the mysterious Tarot cards

What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards are a set of seventy eight cards that are similar to playing cards but used primarily for psychic divination by Tarot card readers. Tarot decks are made up of two sets of card systems called the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of twenty-two cards closely linked with the Kabballah and the Minor Arcana is made of fifty-six cards and closely resembles playing cards with four suits being Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles from Ace to Ten with court cards Page, Knights, Kings and Queens.

Who invented Tarot cards?

The exact origins of the Tarot cards such as who first designed them, when and where they were first used or for what purpose remains vague and elusive despite a considerable amount of books and articles about them. There are two surviving Italian examples of beautifully painted Tarot decks from the second half of the fifteen century called the Charles VI and the Visconti-Sforza deck. However these are just the oldest known Tarot decks and there is no evidence to suggest that these were the first ever Tarot cards in the world. What we do know is that for at last five hundred years, or possibly more, the Tarot has fascinated human imagination and interests. Whatever their origins the Tarot cards continue to enthrall, drawing the curiosity of all those who read them or have readings done with them and there is nothing on the cards to ever show them disappearing anytime in the near future.

Are Tarot cards evil?

The Tarot cards and Tarot card readings have long been considered sacrosanct for many centuries by the Church and continue to be so to this day. The Tarot being primarily a tool of self exploration that encourages personal development by finding answers from within, is in complete contrast to the Church’s dogma of blind obedience to Church authority. It is with little wonder that the Church referred to the Tarot cards as the Devil’s Picture-book, for any self exploration was the complete opposite of their dogma. The Church insisted that the one and only truth was to be found only within the only one and only true Church - their Church - and all other spiritual paths were heretical and Pagan. Know Thyself said the Greeks at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and so it is without wonder that the Church frowned upon the Tarot cards so much by considering them Pagan and evil tools that could help the owner to indeed learn to know themselves.

What is a Tarot Reading?

A Tarot reading is a consultation with the Tarot cards and can be conducted in person, remotely such as over the phone or the Internet, or by oneself where the reader reads the cards for themselves. The Tarot reader uses a ritual to shuffle and lay out the cards before reading them by using their meanings as a source for answers to their question. Each reader has their own unique method of reading but a common method is where the reader starts by thinking of a question for the cards whilst shuffling them. When they feel finished with shuffling the reader lays the cards out in a pattern called a Tarot Spread. The spread consists of set of unique positions with meanings associated with them which is the framework to read the cards. An example of a popular spread is the Celtic Cross which has ten positions. These positions start with what is currently happening in the person’s life, what is worrying them, what they know about the situation, what they don’t know but will soon find out, what happened recently, what will happen in the near future, what the deeper meaning and lesson of this situation is, what others feel about it, the best course of action to take and the outcome if the person follows this advice.

How much is a Tarot Reading?

Irish Tarot provides online Tarot reading, phone Tarot reading, Tarot parties, face to face Tarot reading and free Tarot reading services. Irish Tarot is an Irish Internet Tarot service in operation for over twenty years. We offer lots of different services from free and €5 Tarot card readings.

Should I trust Tarot cards?

Trust is something earned and not automatically given. When somebody asks if they should trust the Tarot cards we always say how well do you trust the Tarot card reader? People are human, they can make mistakes and because Tarot is a wonderful tool of divination it is possible for a reader to make a mistake in their interpretation of the Tarot cards. See how much trust you can develop by testing how accurate a Tarot reader is. If they are good and work well with you then you can trust them.

Is it bad luck to buy tarot cards for yourself?

We believe at Irish Tarot that you should always buy a Tarot deck that you feel spiritually drawn to. Long ago a misbelief was surfaced that told people it was bad luck to buy cards for themselves. We can happily say that this is completely untrue and the best Tarot decks to get are the ones you love.

How accurate are Tarot readings?

Tarot is about spiritual connection between the Tarot reader, the person having the reading done and their spirit guides. The question is like asking how accurate is a prayer, the answer is it depends on the Tarot reader, their understanding and connection with the Tarot and their connection with the person being read for. Our best answer is try it.

Can Tarot be wrong?

The Tarot reading is only as good as the Tarot reader. The same can be said for artists, for example, can a painting be bad? Yes, but the paint is real, the tools are real but it doesn't mean it is a good painting. The skill is in the artist just as the skill is in the Tarot reader. So if a Tarot reading is wrong then you have the wrong Tarot reader. Try another, at Irish Tarot we have lots of readers to try and one is sure to connect well with you.

Do you have to be gifted Tarot cards?

Tarot reading is definitely a special gift, many people can read cards but only a small few ever make it to be good Tarot readers. We have seen very bad examples of readers who used books during readings, others who had no idea what the cards meant and just made it up. At Irish Tarot we only work with the best Tarot readers and psychics so you can trust our readers to be the best.

How do you dispose of tarot cards?

If you feel a Tarot deck isn't for you then please just pass it on to another person. It is really bad just to bin Tarot cards unless there is a very good reason such as if they have fallen apart or damaged. A perfectly usable deck could be a life long spiritual guide for somebody else so offer them to a friend or loved one and the right person will take them.

What is the best Tarot deck for beginner?

Just go into a shop that sells lots of them and look at the pictures and see which you like. Then hold them in your hands and ask your Spirit Guide or Angel to give you a message about which one is right for you. You will find yourself picking the Tarot deck for you automatically.

Can Tarot cards predict the future?

Yes the Tarot has an amazing ability to foretell future events. This is one of it's most famous uses. Another more useful use is its ability to help you create the future you want based on advice and personal growth it can offer. Questions like what is the future of my career can be much better if you ask what can I do to create the career I want?

Can you make your own Tarot deck?

Yes in fact the best Tarot readings can be done by a deck that you created yourself as the connection will be very strong. The founder of Irish Tarot famously made his own deck when he was fifteen and later made the first ever computer virtual Tarot deck.

Is it bad to use someone else's Tarot cards?

Only with permission from the owner or if they were passed down to you by a passed away loved one. In the past many Tarot card readers believed that you should never buy you own cards and instead should only be given cards but this is not true as the best Tarot cards are the ones you connect with the most, if those are a deck you inherited then that is fine.

What's an online Tarot reading?

We do free Tarot readings online where you can select your own cards from a virtual online deck and the Irish Tarot website will read and interpret your Tarot reading for you online. This is fantastic for love readings, career, money relationships, breakups etc...

Can you ask the Tarot about love?

Absolutely. It is one of the most common questions on Irish Tarot to ask about love and the answers are always extremely helpful. Sometimes it is possible to save a relationship that has just suffered a break up but other times, although it is rare, some relationships should be released to welcome in new love.

Is Tarot fortune telling?

Tarot has the famous ability to foretell the future however it is much better put to use when used for personal growth and self exploration. For example, will I become rich would be much better asked if it was what can I do in order to improve my finances.

How should you learn the Tarot?

The best thing to do is get a good book on Tarot reading and start from there. You could also try a course, at Irish Tarot we run courses periodically so keep an eye on the website and most of all just give yourself time and patience as it is a life long skill that takes time but is well worth the effort.

Why do people charge for Tarot readings?

This is sometime we get asked of a lot however the answer is very clear, a Tarot reader is a psychic who has spent many years learning, practising and perfecting their skill. It can take years of reading to become a good Tarot reader and everybody deserves to be paid fairly for their time. If any professional provides a service their time is valuable and they deserve to be paid for it.

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