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Each and every one of us has our very own Light Being called our Guardian Angel. Our Angel is assigned to us at birth and stays with us all throughout our lifetime. They are willing and waiting to help us at any time and all we need do is ask!

Free will and the Angels

There is a spiritual rule that all Angel Mediums talk of and that is that the Angels cannot interfere in our lives unless we ask them to. The Angels tell us that so often they wish to help us but we are too busy to ask. So with this exciting Free Angel Reading at Irish Tarot you can seek help and guidance with your Angels inviting them into your life to help you with your difficult life problems.

Your Angel Loves you and wants to help

Do you get the feeling right now that your Angel is trying to reach out to you? They have been trying for some time! Now it is time to answer that call and do a free Angel Reading to connect with them. These being of light love you and are waiting to speak to you through our free instant online Angel reading system.

We all have special beings of light around us at all times and they are called Angels. They are our guides assigned at birth and any time we ask for their help. Because of the rule of Free Will they cannot help us unless we ask for the help. So try now and ask your Angel Spirit guide to come and help you and they will!

We have a special Angel Medium, Theresa who does Angel Readings here on IrishTarot and she is always ready to help answer your questions for the Angels. She can talk to and see Angels which is a beautiful gift that she is willing to share with you.

We also do Angel Card Readings which are an amazing and exciting tool to read your future and find answers to your questions guided by the Angels. There are many different types of Angel cards and they range from old to modern. Some notable modern Angel Card Readers have been Doreen Virtue and various Angel Therapy Practitioners. Lately many new cards have come on the scene which are wonderful as these beings of light are ready to work with anybody who calls on them. Some people find they can make their own Angel Cards and this is just as good as buying some!

Best Angel Reading Cards

Make your own! There is no set system and the best Angel Oracle cards for beginners are the ones you make yourself. So if you wish to make your own Angel Tarot deck then why not close your eyes and as your spirit guide or Guardian Angel to come and give you an image to draw or paint. Then do your best to represent it on a piece of paper to represent your Angel. Then do this for as many cards as you can think of and this is your Angel Oracle card system. Perhaps draw one a day for one year would do and ask each Angel what their message for you is and keep a diary of each message. Very soon you will have your very own deck with all the information you need to do detailed readings for yourself and your friends.

Very soon we will have lots of new Angel readings for you to enjoy but in the meantime try our world of Tarot cards.

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