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This unique and free Crystal Ball Reading has all the answers to your questions. Developed by Irish Tarot this exciting and fun reading will bring joy and happiness to anybody who tries it. Give it a go now or show your friends and share the joy!

The Irish Speaking Ball with English translation

The best feature of the crystal ball is that it is a Gaeilgeoir Irish speaking ball! You can ask it questions in Gaeilge or English and it will be happy to help with a full translation given below it. In a little while you could be líofa as Gaelinn comh mhaith! (fluent in Irish also).

What can I ask the crystal ball?

Have you questions about Love, money, career, relationships or something else? The best sort of questions are yes and no questions and the Irish Tarot online crystal ball is of course totally free and great fun to try for those simple yes or no questions too.

It is completely free of charge for all to use! One of the oldest and well known tools to look into the future is the crystal ball. Used by fortune tellers the world over these mystic tools are amazing as they allow us to see such a great deal of information that can help us on our path to growth.

How do I use it?

Simply click start reading above where you will be asked the enter a question for the ball. Next you will submit your question and the crystal ball will begin. In a few seconds an answer will appear.

When you first try a crystal ball you need to let go of your fears and whatever thoughts are in your mind. Look deep into the ball until your mind starts to cloud over. Then you will start to see shapes and eventually messages from the spirit world.

Crystal Balls are psychically connected to Tarot in that they both connect with the spiritual world however reading the crystal is a very different method of reading in that there is no focus or framework to have. With Tarot we have a spread which is a very clear framework to base our readings on. Therefore if you are new to the psychic world you may want to look at Tarot first as it is much easier to learn at first and then work your way up to the Crystal Ball.

Can I do it on my mobile phone?

Yes but it is better on a computer or laptop as it features amazing video animation that mobile devices cannot show. Of course all of Irish Tarot is compatible with mobile devices and tablet devices but as they cannot reproduce video in the same way as a computer can you will be missing out a little.

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