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Tarot cards, Crystal Ball readings, Angel Readings all for free! See what they say for questions involving love, relationships, break ups, money, career etc

Looking for psychic answers to a situation?

Irish Tarot has a range of free psychic readings to choose from. Ask the Tarot for detailed advice with our free online Tarot reading suitable for most questions. Perhaps you have a yes or a no question and so would like to ask the free online Crystal Ball? Maybe you feel a connection with your Angels is growing and would like to ask your Angel for help with a free online Angel Card reading.

Irish Tarot is designed and ran by Tarot readers and so is the most genuine psychic service you will find. People often think of Tarot readers as old ladies from James Bond style movies, but psychics, Angel readers, Mediums and Tarot readers are real people too with lots of other skills like programmers, doctors, healthcare workers, retired experts and much more. Using our skills together we have created Irish Tarot for everybody without investors!

The Tarot has done a lot for us and so it is with great joy that we provide these free services. However we also do private one to one readings by phone and online for a small fee. We would hope that you would try one of these sometime as we would be delighted to read for you one to one.

Free psychic tarot reading

Free Tarot reading

Have you just gone through a break up? Are you worried for the future of your relationship? Considering a job change? Looking to move? These are all the types of questions people consult our free online Tarot reading service.

The free Tarot reading system first starts with a question, here you consider what you would like to ask the Tarot cards. This is very important because the best readings are planned readings. A focused question is the start of every successful reading so spend some time thinking about what you would like to ask.

free crystal ball reading

Free Crystal Ball Psychic Reading

Our unique and free online Crystal Ball psychic reading service is unique to Irish Tarot in that it speaks Irish giving answers in the Irish language (Gaeilge) but translated into English so everybody can benefit from it, but also because it is the first of its kind.

People are amazed at how accurate it's psychic readings are and this is because in the background our virtual reading system is doing a psychic reading in the exact same way as if you came face to face for reading but instead the crystal ball is virtual on the cloud rather than being in front of you. The Universe works through all things and we don't need psychic things to represent the spiritual. The language behind all things is maths and the power behind the Internet is the same thing so why can the Internet not be spiritual?

We hope you enjoy this exciting one of a kind crystal ball psychic reading and make sure to tell your friends.

free angel reading

Free Angel Psychic Reading

The fact that you are reading this right now means that your Angel guardian has guided you here to the Irish Tarot website because they want to give you a message using the free Angel reading service which is a way for them to connect with you.

There are lots of ways for your Angels to reach you but not all of us are Angel Psychic Mediums and so it can be hard to connect with Angels when we need them. Any Angel Psychic will tell you that when you ask for Angel help they will give it to you by putting coinsidences in place to get your attention and today your Angel is using this website to do it. You may also see white feathers in odd places to let you know that your Angel wants to speak with you or you might see the same number appearing everywhere you look such as on the bus, a phone number on the radio etc...

When the Angels have messages for you they want to talk to you and today you are being asked to listen to try a free angel reading now to see what your Angels want to tell you.

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