SMS Text Message Free Tarot readings

Not everybody likes to chat by phone and some people just love texting. Well with Irish Tarot Free Tarot chats we have the answers to the questions you seek in love, career, advice, relationships and much more.

Where are free sms text message Tarot Psychic Readings?

Not everybody wants to pick up the phone and call an Irish psychic live by phone and would prefer to speak to an Irish Tarot Reader by chat or text message. This is what free sms psychic Tarot readings are.

How do I do an sms free Tarot reading?

Simply visit our homepage to see all our exciting Free Tarot readings and free Psychic readings available. Some are by phone, some are by whatsapp and some tarot readings are by text sms message across Ireland.

Can I have a free Tarot reading?

Of course! We do lots of free Tarot readings and free tarot predictions on our homepage. We want to provide as many free Tarot reading services as possible but we also have online Tarot card readings and telephone psychic readings by phone for a small fee to support our readers and services.