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Worried about your love life? Is love coming up on your cards? Is it time for a new career? Is there a job you're curious about? Something else? Try a free Tarot reading now online and see what the cards have in store for you. Click start reading above to begin.

How does this Free Tarot Reading work?

Whatever your question our free AI Tarot reading is a great place to start for anybody who would like to give Tarot a try and to get some useful inspiration any time of the day or night. You may have tried other free physic readings online however nothing compares to the Irish Tarot system being the first ever in the world since 1995.

We have always provided psychic readings for free on the radio, for charity and online and using the latest technology we continue to bring you lots of exciting free Tarot readings. We also do human done online Tarot readings and phone Tarot readings and because people support us by having these readings we can continue to keep online psychic readings free.

Are free psychic readings online accurate?

Yes! Spirituality transends all things. Science and spirituality are one of the same thing and work very well together yet often people who don't know much about spirituality consider them incompatible.

Our sytem was designed and written by Irish psychics in the exact same way as you would do a face to face psychic Tarot reading. Using maths we are able to shuffle a virtual online Tarot deck and cut it in the same way as you were having a reading with a person. As you pick your own cards you know that your reading is indeed for you and you alone.

Do you do free Angel Card readings?

Angel Card readings are very different to Tarot and so a completely unique system needs to be designed for them which we are currently doing. Watch this space.

Is this the same as doing Tarot live on the phone?

Nothing can compare to a human done reading and we could encourage you to try a phone reading with our exciting five minute Tarot reading trial offer for just five euro. Also by supporting us you help us to continue to do online psychic readings free.

Is it really a Free Tarot reading?

Yes! We want to bring the benefit of Tarot to everybody anywhere in Ireland and the world! By using techology we have made this possible. We are supported by people having private phone or online readings with us and not annoying ads! Please consider a phone or online email reading with us sometime as we would be delighted to read for you and by doing so you will be supporting Irish Tarot and keeping our free readings free of ads!

How was this Free Tarot Reading system first developed?

In 1995 David, the founder of IrishTarot and a Computer Science graduate of Trinity College Dublin with a masters in AI from UCC created the first ever digital Tarot reading system in C for MS-DOS which he later ported to the Internet as Irish Tarot back in 2001.

Technology has continued to get better and better yet amazingly the back end system written in the C language for UNIX is still very much the same for a good thing never needs to change much.

Our AI Tarot reading system is more powerful than ever now and we are still proud to provide it free of charge to anybody seeking a Tarot reading. Enjoy!

How does this reading compare with a human-done Tarot reading?

Technology improves all the time but no system can replace a human being and the same is true of Tarot. We have done all we can to provide you with the best AI can offer but nothing can compare to a read human reader but we hope you enjoy your AI reading and if you would like a reading from the team just try one of our online readings.

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