Fair affordable pricing

All our readers earn a fair wage for their life work

Try our special offer trial for a fiver!

Curious about getting your cards done? Why not try a reading with Irish Tarot by phone for just a fiver! All you need to do is sign up and buy the five euro offer which all new signups get automatically and it will put 5 Phone minutes into your Irish Tarot account. Simply click Call Me and the reader will call you back!! After your five minute expiry the call ends - there is no auto charging. If you would like to extend your reading you can request it or topup yourself.

Great value pricing

We offer fair and transparent pricing structure which includes free tarot readings, special offers and fantastic prices for one on one Tarot readings by telephone, online and face to face.

Phone Tarot readings start at just €5 for five minutes to try the service and then from €1.99 per minute. We reward our customers with better value when they topup by 20 minutes or more, so the more minutes you buy the cheaper it is. Any unused minutes stay on your login for next time so if you topup by 10 minutes you could spread that out over a few readings for example.

Trial Offer 5 minute phone readingNew customers can give the cards a try for a fiver€5
Online Tarot readingVarious online email Tarot readings from 50 cent€0.50
5 minute phone readingGreat for a quick reading where you have just one question.€14
10 minute phone readingWhen you have just one or two questions then ten minutes are ideal.€28
15 minute phone reading€2 FREE with a 15 minute reading - ideal for a standard reading.€40
20 minute phone reading€3 FREE with 20 minutes for a good detailed reading.€53
30 minute phone readingMost popular half hour reading with €5 FREE - ideal for most people.€79
40 minute phone readingFREE with 40 minutes for your reading ideal for complex queries.€105
50 minute phone reading€12 FREE with 50 minutes for your reading for important questions.€128
Special offer hour phone reading€30 FREE with 1 hour for your readings. Save unused minutes for later.€139

Pay as you go

Irish Tarot works on a topup pay as you go system so you have no sneaky bills to worry about. We began twenty years ago with a clear promise of fair rates and transparent pricing. When you have an online reading you pay when you submit it and when you have a phone reading you topup in advance so you always know your spend.

When we started trust was a major issue as many unscrupulous services were giving Tarot a terrible stigma, we set out to change all that and have stood the test of time being the longest running service in Ireland. Trust and personal connection with our customers is our mantra.

Debit card charging

We support all VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Prefer Irish Tarot not to show on your debit card statements?

Long back customers told us that they didn't want the words Irish Tarot to show on their statements and so to protect your privacy we use our generic trading name instead so if somebody read your bank statement they would not know that you had a Tarot reading. This means a lot to people and another example of how we always put trust as as our number one priority.

Support Ireland and Irish services

Irish Tarot has been doing readings since 2001 and is an Irish Tarot service ran by Tarot readers and not corprate investors also known as vultures. We are Irish, we are local, we are personal and we are here to help.

Feeling that psychic nudge to try a reading?

Why not avail of our new customer offer of five minutes for a fiver?

Reading from Cork since 2001

Ireland's first and most trusted online Tarot reading service doing online and telephone psychic readings for over 22 years.

It's Personal. It's trust

Real people with real questions talking to real Irish psychics using real cards doing down to earth real readings.

Real questions. Real Answers

When you consult the Tarot cards you need a service that will take your queries seriously with down to earth answers.