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Detailed psychic readings by phone

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Our best and most exciting readings of all are live phone readings and with our unique call back system you simply topup our IrishTarot minutes and click for an instant call back.

We call you back so no phone bills

We can call you back on your mobile or even call you via WhatsApp. As we are calling you there are no phone bills or call credit to worry about.

How do we charge for readings?

You simply topup your IrishTarot minutes in advance and then click for your call back. When your minutes expire your call ends as there is no automatic charging so you know exactly how much your readings cost at all times. If you don't use all your minutes in a call don't worry as they will stay there for next time.

How much are topup minutes and how do I get them?

Simply click the topup button and select the amount of minutes you would like. If you buy small amounts of minutes such as 5 or 10 ten minutes the rate is higher than if you go for larger minutes. Remember your minutes stay in your account if you don't use them all at once so it is cheaper to buy the larger amounts. Minutes are charged then to your debit or credit card.

When will you call me?

Firstly make sure to register a phone number for us to call you on and then click Call Me. Your number is then placed on our queue and our readers are alerted and will phone you as soon as possible, usually within a minute or two.

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Live Phone Reading
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From €1.99/min
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What are Phone Tarot Readings?

Tarot readings done for you live on the phone with a member of our Tarot reading team. As you are speaking live to a psychic these readings are the best possible readings you can have and you are not limited by what you can ask.

How long is a reading usually?

This depends on what you would like to ask, how detailed your query is, what sort of questions you have around the topic and what type of information you would like the cards to look into. Sometimes they are quick and just take five minutes but other times they could be very important and detailed taking up to or over an hour.

Can I do general Tarot readings?

Yes you do not need to have a question to ask the cards however we would highly recommend that you plan your reading with the questions that matter most to you at this time. Readings where you don't pre-plan with ideas and questions for the cards don't tend to give you the best outcomes and often end up being unfocused. As the expression goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail so think about what matters most to ask about in your life now and your psychic reader will guide you through the process on the phone.