Tarot Parties Ireland

Host the best night in with the girls

Host a Tarot Party with your friends

Have the best night in with the girls, ideal for friends and even corprate events! Our readers can read for you and your friends in the luxary of your own home or office.

We will travel to every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Yes that means we will come to your place and do live Tarot readings for all your friends in:

Psychic Tarot Readings in:
  • County Cork
  • County Galway
  • County Mayo
  • County Donegal
  • County Kerry
  • County Tipperary
  • County Clare
  • County Tyrone
  • County Antrim
  • County Limerick
  • County Roscommon
  • County Down
  • County Wexford
  • County Meath
  • County Derry
  • County Kilkenny
  • County Wicklow
  • County Offaly
  • County Cavan
  • County Waterford
  • County Westmeath
  • County Sligo
  • County Laois
  • County Kildare
  • County Fermanagh
  • County Leitrim
  • County Armagh
  • County Monaghan
  • County Longford
  • County Dublin
  • County Carlow
  • County Louth

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